Ольга Шелест обнаружила драгоценность на пляже
The presenter was pleased with the eldest daughter.

Olga Shelest with the family

Photo: Instagram

Olga Shelest shared a touching event
happened to her today: the TV presenter was found on the beach a real treasure. Moreover, it happened just in time, and by the way.

“Today happened to me a magic story
shared Rustle. — Rested all day on the beach, lay in, build castles
sand… Alex photographed the aircraft, which landed almost at our
the head and the Muse all strove to get into the frame. Decided to divert this razor. Cry to her:
“Muse run come quick, look what I found!” “What?” —
running, stumbling as much. I frantically rummage in the sand to find some kind of shell
or stone, to show her. And now she’s already two steps… “you found
mom?” And then, I’m fumbling, the sand crumbles from the palm in the hands of
me is… a glass ball with the feather inside! The Muse was happy. And
I have already caught his breath. It’s like someone heard you’ve gotten invested in
hand, that in this moment you were needed most. Go smiling all day. And
ball we buried below someone again unexpectedly found”.

We will remind, the stellar family, made up of parents and
two charming girls — iris and Muses is
in France: there they celebrated there the birthday of the youngest daughter. Iris,
as expected, blew out a candle on a birthday cake. However, to organize such
surprise turned to Olga a daunting task. On the eve Rustle went
buying candles in the form ones, but in local stores it could not be
managed. In an unfortunate coincidence, the desired product was all sold out.
However, the presenter did not give up and found all well cherished attribute of birthday.

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