Olga Seryabkina staged by Anastasia Reshetova fight on the strip

Ольга Серябкина устроила с Анастасией Решетовой поединок по стриптизу The singer shot a video for the song “Drunk.” Olga, along with his girlfriend, model Anastasia Reshetova was struck by the sexual movements around the pole. The words to the musical composition Seryabkina wrote itself.

The premiere of the video Olga Seryabkina “Drunk”. The video also starred a friend of the singer model Anastasia Reshetova. The girls sang shestova Striptease, gracefully twisting his body. The soloist of the group SEREBRO shared with subscribers in Instagram a video of.

“This is the most feminine video I have ever done. A strength, weakness, submissiveness and humility, expressed through dance. I felt that way from the beginning and wanted us removed that way. This dance is real, here and now, but do not notice the gathered audience,” said Seryabkina.

According to the singer, in the video she got naked to show his naked soul, which is very vulnerable to other people’s eyes. The artist believes that most people are protected from sincerity, because they are afraid to be vulnerable. “We often simulated feelings. To make a Declaration of love is enough to put a smile in your gadget, not even feeling the warmth and smell of him whom you sent it. I won’t say that I am totally against all of this, I deny any manifestation of hypocrisy when it comes to love,” added the singer.

According to Olga, it is the language of the body, by which the woman demonstrates their desire to be men first.

“Now the real emotions obscure partition monitor, which people began to defend themselves. So we defend ourselves from the pain that can cause a real person. I myself, know what it’s like to experience pain from love. And she is beautiful compared to the pain of its absence” – shared the actress.

Olga Seryabkina told why Anastasia chose his partner in the clip. “When I called to tell her the meaning which I put in my video, she supported me. We have a similar attitude to the social networks, reality and virtual life. So thank you that you have become a perfect decoration for this video,” – said the singer.