Ex-agent Stepanova revealed the details of the scandal with the million of debt

Экс-агент Степанова раскрыл подробности скандала с миллионным долгом The star of the film “Inhabited island” has got into financial bondage. The actor owes a lot of money to the former representative, Sergei Rublev. He said that Stepanova did not fulfill its obligations under the contract.
Экс-агент Степанова раскрыл подробности скандала с миллионным долгом

The conflict between Vasily Stepanov and Sergey Rublev took a new turn. According to the former agent, the actor had repeatedly violated the terms of the contract. In the end, the debt star has made more than a million rubles.

“This is money for breach of contract and unfinished projects, but I’m not expecting anything, let alone recovers and lives happily ever after. The courts also to apply not going,” said Rublev.

According to the ex-agent, family Vasily Stepanov does not help the actor to rise to his feet, not trying to help him with rehab after several falls from the Windows of his house. Sergey believes that the relatives of the stars trying to cash in on it.

Mother Vasily Stepanov is trying to justify his suicidal tendencies

“From his whole life want to do trash. More recently was the transfer of “actually”, where the polygraph showed that Bob fell on the stairs as everyone has said, and jumped out the window when he injured his spine,” – said Sergey.

According Rublev, the contract with the artist until terminated. The former agent said that regularly found for your mentee a job, but Basil either refused, or behaved in a way that the Directors did not want to deal with him.

“After two or three trials I understood that the man is absolutely inadequate. Sometimes, the Director was asked his opinion of the character in the film in which he auditioned, and Basil began to tell some incomprehensible story about how was walking down the street with his brother to a concert in a puddle and saw the homeless,” – said the ex-agent to the stars.

Rublev remember a case when brought home Basil a large sum of money which was the fee for participation in advertising.

“So Stepanov ran from me. Then it came into conflict father, who asked him to agree to my proposal. And he just shouted to no one to meddle in his Affairs. So here it is people!” – said the ex-agent portal sobesednik.ru.

Last year, the media reported that Vasily Stepanov is in a deep depression after the alleged suicide attempts. However, the artist himself does not remember these episodes. Parents are movie stars have repeatedly stated on talk shows that Basil was not trying to settle scores with life.

After a brilliant debut in the film “Inhabited island” Vasily admired by the whole country. The fans were on duty at the entrance of the stars, job offers in the movie fell dozens of the young man. But the test of Slava Stepanov has not passed, failed health: diagnosed with “manic depression,” the actor put on the account in a psychoneurological clinic. Shooting, performances, interviews, all had to be abandoned.