Ольга Серябкина прокомментировала уход подруги из группы SEREBRO
The singer has launched a Network of interesting flash mob.

Photo: @serebro_officia/Instagram

Olga Seryabkina, who is in the band SEREBRO “veteran”,
commented on the departure from the project of her friend and colleague Pauline Tabor:
we will remind, it became known about it yesterday.

“In my life was a similar situation when someone
left the band, and it’s always been different difficult, — says Olga. — I have always had a different feeling and
state. I can say that I’m madly in love with Pauline, it is my dear, dear
people. And today, I’m sure on one hundred percent that this person will remain
next to me. Just a moment we will link work, but all
the rest will remain in their original locations. Today I was looking through pictures and realized that
those you have not seen, and Paula too, forgot about them. One of them we made in
Vladikavkaz and, as always, with a sense of #успетьза10секунд.

But it was cool
it was a great trip. We have a huge number of photos that always
remind you of a time in the group together. And it will always be as brightly
because pictures and videos are charged for our drugs, or any other range
sensations that filled us at that moment. Lapusi, I want to offer us
you something interesting. It would be nice, first of all, Polina, and me too. Lay
our joint your favorite photos for the whole period, when we were together.
Note in the pictures that we can see them again and remember everything. I will
look carefully all the pictures and be sure, Pauline!”