Анастасия Заворотнюк похвасталась уловом
The actress visited his hometown.

Photo: Instagram

By tradition, every summer, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is in his native city of Astrakhan. And always goes fishing — to fish and to eat delicacies that are only available here.

Despite the fact that previous months were very eventful travel — Nastya with her husband Peter Chernyshev visited the luxury resort in Turkey and visited in Spain, all the feeling of relaxation was ruined by a terrible event in Barcelona. As told by fans of Anastasia, she was a five minute walk from the terrorist attack that claimed many lives.

No place in the world, which leads her in the most peaceful mood than the shores of his native Volga river, a leisurely boat ride and self guided fishing. Moreover, to go fishing here is a pleasure! Not even a very experienced fisherman is able to boast of a big catch. And Zavorotnyuk, who as a child spent a lot of time on the river, and all can call themselves a true professional fishing.

“Do you know where is the best fishing?” — playfully asked actress from their fans.