Olga Romanovskaya left without a job

Ольга Романовская осталась без работы The presenter left the project “Revizorro”. Olga Romanovskaya made a decision to leave the program for family reasons. In March, the former soloist of group “VIA Gra” took the place of Helena Flying. Now, the artist decided to spend more time with his family.

      Once at the party organized by the TV channel “Friday”, Elena Letuchaya announced his triumphant return in the sensational project “Revizorro”, fans were thrilled from the fact that you see your favorite journalist again.

      Elena Letuchaya make tremble the capital’s restaurateurs

      However, many were puzzled by the question of how Volatile and the current leading Olga Romanovskaya will work together. However, as it turned out, the former soloist of “VIA gra” decided to leave the project for personal reasons. Some fans even suspect that the actress is expecting a child. Representatives of the TV presenter denied these rumors.

      “No, not pregnant. But I left for personal reasons. There is a need to spend more time at home. We are grateful to all the team who worked with us, the employees of the TV channel and especially to all the spectators of the program”, – said the Manager of the artist.

      Now Elena is preparing to Flying back to the original place and prepared for all fans of “Revizorro” surprise. If the producers of the program went to various cities of Russia, now the project developers also plan to test the capital’s restaurants and hotels.

      Romanovskaya told me that she was offered to be the host of a popular program quite by accident. For her it was a new and unusual experience. She knew that she would have to put a lot of effort to catch the fancy of the audience and to do excellent work. The new host of “Revizorro”: “compared to Lena Fly, I’m cute!”

      “The offer arrived unexpectedly, he told her “StarHit” Romanovskaya. The year I started not very successfully: in Turkey, we were robbed a taxi driver, then not released due to the attack, and at the dock in Israel due to customs cavity search I children missed the flight to Kiev. When I called my agent Yuri Borisov said that I was invited to audition for this program, I was surprised. I went through all the stages of the first programmes already recorded. The experience is not great, but it amazes me that I managed to see. Until you get used to this routine, join”.

      However, not all the drive went smoothly. Some fans complained about the transfer of Flying that Romanov is not always doing the right thing and spoils the impression about the program. Elena even had to apologize to viewers for some of the actions of his successor.