Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik broke up

Катя Жужа и Олег Винник расстались The businessman has shared in his Instagram with news that the issue with the leading “House-2” closed. He also asked the followers not to bother him with questions about his personal life. According to winnick, he and Katia are too different people.

      Катя Жужа и Олег Винник расстались

      In the Network appeared the information that the 28-year-old TV presenter Kate Susan broke up with her lover, the businessman from St.-Petersburg Oleg Vinnik. This was the chosen celebrity said on his Instagram after he landed in the cultural capital. “The issue with Kate is closed. We all have different orbits. I landed in St. Petersburg and ask you not to ask me questions about my personal life. All the world,” wrote winnick in his microblog.

      Followers winnik expressed regret over the fact that the couple that seemed perfect from the side, destroyed. They also wished to Oleg to find the girl who would become his second half. “It is important that you be in harmony with yourself”, “Let everything be well”, “Happiness to you Oleg”, “I Wish you to find his chosen one” – shared his opinion in the comments to his post. As for Katie’s Zsuzsa, ex-girlfriend of the actor has not commented on the breakup with him.

      Катя Жужа и Олег Винник расстались

      We will remind that in August of this year, Kate Susan and Oleg Vinnik legalized their relationship in the Seychelles. The lovers did not organize the wedding-a luxurious celebration. The bride was dressed in a white sundress and the groom in a shirt of light hue and black trousers.

      Fans of Zsuzsa learned about the change of her marital status immediately, but after some amount of time. The fact that she prefers not to publicize the details of his personal life. Leading “House-2” only shared in one of my social networking a picture taken in the Church. “God gave us two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two eyes to see, two ears to hear but why only one heart? Second heart gave another order, so we found him,” wrote Susan in his microblog. To your post she also added the hashtags “we made it” and “secretly”.

      Then, the celebrity has published in social networks picture, which you can see in her finger a wedding ring. She also shared a video in which her partner was preparing food for Katie and her daughter from her first marriage to Nicole. However, after a certain period of time Susan had removed the publication of Oleg from “Instagram”.