Ольга Романовская: «Я не боюсь сравнения с Летучей!»

Ex-soloist of “VIA gra” for the first time commented on his appearance in the popular show in the new season in April.

It turns out that 30-summer Olga is not afraid of comparisons with the former leading the project shocking Lena Fly. Moreover, she believes that she does not agree. Besides, come to someone’s place and defend his position Romanovskaya not the first time. It replaced the Hope Granovsky in “VIA GRE”.

“I’ve been compared to a sex symbol, chic Nadia Granovskaya, to the place which I, a young Sparrow, came to the group, – said Olga Romanov to journalists. — Are you scared of the comparisons with Lena? No. She’s a great professional, beautiful woman… And I have no problems with self-esteem! Understand that the experience I need to accumulate for months, but I am quite sure of himself. And absolutely another – will be able to make this show something new. I have only a little time”.

Also the new host of “Revizorro” said they with Lena Fly very different in temperament. She, unlike Flying, softer, but if need be will show strength of character.

“I am by nature rather cute. But at the same time, I can put out in seconds, and I turn into an angry monster, – has told Olga the website “StarHit”. — I do not like rudeness, rednecks, when blatantly lying… I understand that you have to deal with such people. And I’m ready! “Revizorro” I looked. And Ukrainian variant with Olga Freimut, too. To be honest, sometimes looked at Lena and thought that I would do in this situation, otherwise, would have picked it up other words… But when faced with it on the other side of the screen cease to reason like sitting on a comfortable sofa”.

Now Olga Romanov lives on three countries: Russia TV viewers, in Odessa is survived by two sons, while in Europe working husband Andrew. But according to the singer and presenter, the husband supported her participation in the show “Revizorro,” and she, in turn, will do our best to combine career and family.

New editions of “Revizorro” Olga Romanov will air on the channel “Friday!” in April.

By the way!

Care Flying from Lena “Revizorro” turned into a scandal. Her fans staged a protest to bring it back to the project (read more here). But, of course, they didn’t work out… the leading Decision was final and irrevocable.

At first, everyone thought that the Fugitive left the show because she was pregnant, but she denied these rumors.

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