Шнур уже жалеет, что выгнал Алису Вокс из «Ленинграда»

In the Wake of the scandal Sergey has banned his former soloist to sing a song “louboutins”. But Alice was upset and going in solo tour. But the Cord seems to have gone back on their word. Woman’s Day learn all the details of the star showdown!

“This cow is needed most,” decided Sergei Shnurov about the “Exhibit” and banned who left the group Alisa VOX to perform a hit solo artist. We have left the girl without “louboutins”

All the more so since Alisa VOX (Burmistrov) had never had any copyright of this song, this was announced today Director of the group “Leningrad” Denis Veiko.

“She never solo “Louboutins” was not performed, it is only through performance in band “Leningrad”, – said the Director of “Leningrad”. – The rights to the song belong Shnurov, as author of words and music. Here even the speech was not about it alone somewhere singing, and especially after leaving the group. For the execution of this hit Burmistrova, you must obtain permission”.

Until Alice to comment on the ban Shnurov refused, but her official agent named Anastasia was much more sociable.

“Now Alice is preparing for a solo show, she’s going to go on tour in Russia. Soon will be announced the concerts. And in June needs to get her solo album,” reported the agent of the singer Woman’s Day.

By the way, to change his stage name to passport Alice is not going, and its posters will continue to show off the VOX, and not Burmistrova, as it is written in the documents.

Meanwhile, “razvoevavshihsya” the Cord appears ready to back down. By all indications, he is sorry that he is kicked out by Alice VOX from “Leningrad”. Anyway, the singer in Instagram a new note: my group after leaving Alice he compared with terminally ill man.

“The patient is rather alive than dead. Well, pulled his tooth out, the temperature jumped, in the end, he is not the head removed. And someone ran for the priest. The patient will Wake up, maybe not. Even I, as the interested person, for some reason not afraid of any development options. Be that as it may, and will be cool. Anyway,” wrote Sergei on his page on the popular social network.

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