Superhero: Hugh Jackman saved the drowning

The actor has pulled out of the water tourists, which almost took to the open ocean.

The hero of the film series “X-Men” and in real life the man was not timid. Hugh Jackman risked their lives, rushed to help the drowning tourists.

It happened last weekend at one of the beaches of Sydney, where Jackman was on holiday with his family. Along with 15-year-old son Oscar actor was surfing. Suddenly the waves became stronger, the storm started. And then Hugh noticed that near him a man with a daughter can’t get out of the water. Over holidaymakers started to be pulled out to the open ocean.

Do not delay a moment, Jackman, like a real superhero, went to help the stranger, while his own son was also in the water trap.

First, the actor helped out at a safe depth tour, and then the Oscar. By that time, as a place resorted rescuers, rescue has been a certain!

Several onlookers were able to film the actor in the video, so in the network appeared a short video with Hugh in the lead role. Fans had hoped that Jackman somehow comment on the situation, but the modest hero replied that he had nothing to say.

After the incident, the number of fans of the handsome Australian is clearly increased thousands of times. How do girls specifically started to portray drowning to be in the arms of a superhero!

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