Olga Rapunzel’s filing for divorce after the cheating, beating husband

Ольга Рапунцель подает на развод после измен и побоев мужа Ex-member of telestroke spoke about the scandal with her husband. Expectant mother reported subscribers microblog that her husband sent out to young girls intimate pictures and she was wrong. Now Rapunzel is forced to stay in the hotel as she is afraid to return home.
Ольга Рапунцель подает на развод после измен и побоев мужа

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Olga Rapunzel said that she had a serious scandal with her husband, Dmitri Dmitrenko. The expectant mother came to live in Instagram and told about the problems in the family. According to the young woman, she is afraid to return home.

“I’m in position, you know, sleepless nights at home, a terrible toxicosis. Keep in order to save the baby” – through tears beginning Olga.

According to Rapunzel, she called her mom. A relative is flying her to Moscow. Olga says that Dimitri threatened and forbidden to talk about their real family life.

“He’s handsy, foul language. I am the mother of his child. I like this family… I loved him, forgave him everything. Then the other day my God has led you to look at his phone… He was unemployed for two months. “We are together, we will succeed”, I said. I open the phone, and there is correspondence with six girls. I’m going to file for divorce, otherwise I will not be able to bear a child”, – says Olga.
Ольга Рапунцель подает на развод после измен и побоев мужа

According to Rapunzel, the husband had sent intimate pictures of young girls, and also agreed with them on the meetings. Ex-member was shocked when he discovered such to phone Dima. He started to deny that these are his films. Olga outraged by the behavior of her husband.

“I’m afraid to go home. He took me yesterday for neck and began to shake. Said, “I will Kill now.” Called mom, she said, “Get out of the house”. He reminded me all,” said Rapunzel.

Olga is not ready to tolerate more of her husband’s behaviour. She didn’t think Dmitry is such a monster outside of telestroke.

Ольга Рапунцель подает на развод после измен и побоев мужа“I’m to blame, did not consider it. I never listened to anyone… Assault and battery is already too much. Nothing will raise the child up. I loved Dima, so little welcome,” – added Olga.

Rapunzel claims not to have slept for two nights. Dmitry’s mother did not intervene in the conflict. According to the pregnant Rapunzel, cousin takes his side. Ex-participant reality show believes that to cope without the help of a spouse. The most important thing for her is to give birth to a healthy baby.