Wife by the Name Menshchikova huddled with children in a Studio apartment

Жена Степена Меньщикова ютится с детьми в однокомнатной квартире The wife of the showman spoke about the reasons for the gap. The young woman admits that Stepan Menshikov repeatedly cheated on her. Now Eugene lives with his son and daughter in Krasnogorsk and tries to build a life.

Stepan Menshikov and his wife Eugenia were so perfect. Lovers have always shared joint photos, and recently, the family had another baby. That is why the breakup of a showman with the chosen one was a big surprise for his fans.

The former participant “Houses-2” do not hide that rupture occurred at the initiative of Eugene. A little later, a young woman commented and told me why he decided to end the relationship.

“Steve is the fourth month of living in Sochi, holds. Of course, I know how he likes to party that it is surrounded by beautiful girls. No he would not let go, but nobody asked me. We fought a lot, it negatively affects children. At some point I decided it was time to end it,” – said Eugene.

A young woman claims that her husband rarely spent time with children and paid all attention to career and creativity. Often events in which participated Stepan was delayed until the morning, and the next day showman slept, refusing to communicate with family members.

However, Eugene tries not to blame husband. She does not deny that Menshikov loves children, and for them they will have to continue to intersect in life.

Now a young woman with two children rents a Studio apartment. Eugene came from the mind to the choice of place of residence, because she was important to the wellbeing of children.

“We have a wonderful district. Nearby there are kindergartens, shops, great Playground. Housing is very cozy, pay for the removal of some thirty thousand rubles. Now the apartment looks like a nursery, all littered with toys,” shared a young woman.

Eugene tries not to faint. She often talks about her new life and the everyday life of a young mother. Fans agree that the woman to cope with the difficulties that befell her.

Himself Stepan Menshikov tries not to comment on the details of the divorce. A man often puts photos of children on Instagram, stressing that will always take care of the heirs.

In an interview for the magazine “the House-2” Eugene admitted that he didn’t want to go back to her husband. A young woman plans to start a brand new life, in which there is no place for betrayals and disappointments.