Olga Rapunzel condemned my sister’s wedding

Ольга Рапунцель осудила свадьбу сестры The famous cousin of the bride explained that a relative has always lived by the rules and he forced her into it. However, Alena has his own head on his shoulders, and it felt right to do as her heart wishes.
Ольга Рапунцель осудила свадьбу сестры

A few days ago, Ilya Yabbarov made an offer hands and hearts of a pregnant sweetheart Alena Rapunzel. Friends and fans congratulated the future parents. However, the older sister of the participant “House-2” Olga, along with her husband Dima Dmitrenko spoke negatively about the upcoming wedding.

Rapunzel-the older thinks the younger sister acted carelessly and incorrectly. Olga herself gave the example, she went first to marry Demetrios, and only then became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. Alena decided to respond to the attacks of the relatives.

“Olya Dima and all his life said that we must first get married, then get pregnant to become a relatives, we with Ilya, need a stamp in the passport… they Have a whole life standards, but for me, honestly, these words do not have logic. This is complete nonsense! I’m with her a lot talked, and we have this misunderstanding, so I just say, “Ol, all, let’s close the topic, you live by their rules, and I will live as I want,” said Alena.

Rapunzel-the younger asked the elder sister not to interfere in her personal life and encouraged to engage their family and daughter, who recently turned two months. It should be noted that the family of one of the most vivid characters of telestroke always a conflict between themselves, with mother Tatyana Vladimirovna.

“I Olina words that at first I got pregnant and then married, care. I told her to live by the rules I’m not going. And if it so happened that I first got pregnant and then get married, then I wanted! This is my life, and decide I’m here already!” – explained Alain.

Earlier Olga reported that the younger sister wants nothing but happiness. But she was not sure Ilya, because the expiry date of the wedding is still not clear.

“I am in favour of a child born in love and marriage. I encourage them to legalize the relationship as soon as possible,” Rapunzel told her.

The star of “House-2” suggests that perhaps love between Ilya and Alena no. Only pregnancy forced the man to propose to her sister. And such a marriage “shotgun” Rapunzel-the eldest does not approve of.

“I first got married and then got pregnant. She first got pregnant, and then Elijah proposed to her. In this we differ. But overall, I’m glad for it. I hope that Ilya did this sincerely and from the heart. Waiting for them to apply for, and get married,” – said in an interview with Dom2Life.ru Olga Rapunzel.