Vladimir Mashkov refused pupils of Oleg Tabakov

Владимир Машков отказался от воспитанников Олега Табакова The new artistic Director of the Moscow theatre school decided this year not to accept students. He said that while not included in Cruz all cases. And the admission of candidates for admission will be held only after a year.
Владимир Машков отказался от воспитанников Олега Табакова

In March this year of their life is gone Oleg Tabakov. For decades, he was the artistic Director of the Moscow theatre school.

For a long time it was not clear who will be the head of the famous “Snuff-box”. In April it was decided to appoint to the responsible position of Vladimir Mashkov. The new head decided to change the school Charter. The guys who plan to enroll in school, very upset.

“Always in the final of a long selection of guys in College personally recruited Oleg Tabakov. His decision was decisive and the last. But, unfortunately, the guys who started to pass the selection in November, for obvious sad reasons will not be able to receive the guidance of my teacher. I, as a new artistic Director, these guys have not seen. In this situation is to give somebody preference, to decide someone’s fate, it would be highly irresponsible. Now I need to carefully understand all that is happening in the College. It is clear now that, without Oleg Pavlovich require changes and adaptation of the educational process. Now dial the new course without a clear understanding of the future prospects will be simple formality”, – reported on the school’s website.

Earlier Mashkov has declared that is ready to any difficulties. The actor immediately agreed to take the post of Oleg Pavlovich. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky reported that the actor long thought over the offer. His appointment was announced at the meeting of the troupe.

“I’m sure we will have an interesting life, I have nowhere to retreat. I saw a lot of interesting, useful in a free actor. Now I have another responsibility,” – said Mashkov.

New artistic Director stressed that he wants “to continue the theater, which will exist here and now.” According to Mashkov, it will combine the leadership with the work and filming.

“Snuff” provides a level of education medium level in the specialty “performing arts”. The number of students is about 72. Future actors will have to study 3 years and 10 months.