Olga Orlova commented on your novel

Ольга Орлова прокомментировала свой роман
Popular singer and TV presenter Olga Orlova rarely shares details of his personal life.

Ольга Орлова прокомментировала свой роман

Olga happy in a relationship with a beloved man Ilya for five years. After the Internet began to appear the news about the forthcoming wedding of the actress, Orlov decided to answer them and tell you how things really are.

“I’ve been in this doll enough. Wedding, white dress not really for me mean something. After that, nothing in the relationship does not change. At least I have it was so. Will have children, and marry. Does not appear – it may also come, not know. I don’t think”, – said the artist.

Who knows we may expect in the near time the wedding of Olga.

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