Olga Orlova a young fan

У Ольги Орловой появился молодой поклонник Participant of the TV project “Dom-2” has the singer unequivocal signs of attention – gives flowers and talks about his interest in her. Moreover, the 28-year-old Belarusian Artem Soroka sure like Olga Orlova as well as she to him.
У Ольги Орловой появился молодой поклонник

Artem Soroka – the artist of Belarus and a participant of the project “Dom-2” from January of this year. To build love Artem intended to Margot Ovsyannikova, but the girl’s heart to win could not. Then, in the Seychelles, he “communicated” with Lena Graminei, but it couldn’t make a couple. Now the young man turned his attention to the TV presenter of the project Olga Orlov. Artem during a personal conversation with the singer said that he feels she is indifferent to him, although previously “hated and despised”. Olga reacted quite sharply, but this does not stop the young man. Fans and admirers of Olga Orlova believe that for a guy these advances need to raise the rating.

“First, she me very much hated. Then, recently, just on Saturday, she looked at me… I don’t know, some vulgar eyes, it’s all noticed. And I think this girl feels for me now some emotion, hatred and anger towards me escalated into some other feelings… And I would like this girl to talk to. Of course, don’t want to do any loud statements about the settlement and all that, but I would like to talk to. And that girl is you, Halle,” — said Forty.

Olga Orlova on such a bold statement of the project participant responded with her usual sarcasm: “I’ll shoot myself, Tom, to suffocate”.

However, Artem insists. He is sure that Orlov is not just talks to them and flirts and when he undressed in front of cameras during shooting of episode “place of execution”, he supposedly caught a “interested” look 40-year-old actress.

У Ольги Орловой появился молодой поклонник “After that story, when I undressed, there is a screen on the Internet, the look she’s looking at me. After that I started to think, maybe she is really cute. Then took a few steps in her direction, and realized that she pretty” – says Artem.

Olga Orlova was only a long and serious relationship with businessman by Karmanovym she was together for four years, but gave birth to a son Artem, he this year finished school. Then for a long time lived in a civil marriage with the film producer Renat by Davletyarova. Olga was not seen in the short relations, about her personal has never been rumored, and now she openly declares that it is absolutely free.

“I’m completely free… I Want to still be unfree woman. I think that I have come,” she said in an interview with “StarHit”.

The young musician Artem Soroka sure that he has a chance to give Olga’s care and become the man of her life. Started with a simple Forty – leading presented a bouquet of flowers. “I am more than confident in the fact that Olga is in love with me. Today she even said on Calvary, “the three men in her life first she was annoyed, but then she lived with them, loved”. I too at first was irritated by her. And now I’m not annoying! I’m sure I’m very nice,” said Artem Dom2Life.ru.