Анастасия Волочкова грозилась выкинуть вещи дочери The ballerina spoke about the education of Ariadne. According to Volochkova, she allows the girl to use a separate credit card. However, stars have and the methods by which she punishes the child.
Анастасия Волочкова грозилась выкинуть вещи дочери

Anastasia herself is raising her daughter Ariadne. A ballerina trying not to spoil the child, but teaches the girl to dispose of certain sums of money. According to celebrity, she still consults with her on how to spend the money. “She has a credit card tied to mine. But every time she goes to lunch, she asked me: “Mom, can I spend 100 and buy a hamburger?” The first thing I say, “Arish is a very unhealthy food”, but still she is allowed. You know, the fact that she asks,” – said Volochkova.

However, when the daughter violates any rules, she takes action and deprives the girl some of her favorite things.

“I come and say: “Arisha, if you don’t clean your room and do not put things in order, I will do as I did four years ago in another house. I’ll pack in a box all your stuff and leave on the bedside table three angels, which I gave you before crossing in this house, so you walked in and felt like a Princess,” said the ballerina.

She 12-year-old Ariadna is always trying to protect my mom because Anastasia often faces criticism from users of social networks. Some condemn the behavior of Anastasia Volochkova and her outfits and makeup. The daughter started to protect the mother and to respond to the haters.

“I told her, “When you say something bad, you just don’t answer it, please. Just understand one thing: you are the daughter of a famous person that passed his way and became the person” I said no more. When they started to receive negative comments, she began to protect me. She wrote: “My dear, you first become such, as was my mom! Leave us alone,” she said, “Arisha, you’re so good. Shut your comments and listen to nobody”, – said the ballerina in an interview with “Around the TV”.