Olga Kuzmina: “From “Kitchen” to be continued!

Ольга Кузьмина: «У «Кухни» будет продолжение!
The popular actress said, what fate awaits the characters of the famous series.

Olga Kuzmina

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Despite the fact that all the seasons of “Kitchen”
on STS long shot and aired, it will have a sequel! However, this
will not film, and the theatrical version of the project. About it in exclusive interview
the magazine “7 Days” told actress Olga Kuzmina.

“We produced a play based on the
“Kitchen”. Talk about this production my partners on the series began
back in 2012, — said Olga. — Of course, we dreamed that in this
the performance was attended by all of our acting team, but it was difficult. Have
all their schedules, plans. In the end, there are those who have managed to find
time and who really wanted to participate in this work. The show is called “Kitchen
away” — the plot of the play our entire team goes to the organization
Banquet in a private mansion.

that Kuzmina with colleagues rehearsing from morning until late evening, the husband of the actress, not
related to her profession, not jealous.

“Rehearsing is really a lot, but from morning to
PM does not work, because we all have our own “compound” graphics, —
said Olga. — Husband is getting used to it. And over the years (and we’ve been together for almost
13) all with great respect for my profession. He recently visited
at the premiere of my play by Alexei Arbuzov’s “My poor Marat” and
realised how difficult it can be to the craft of acting. The statement “be Not afraid
happy” is a love story of three teenagers who met in the besieged
Leningrad. Very intense and emotional work”.

Full interview with Olga Kuzmina read in the new issue of the magazine “7 Days”. Now!