George Clooney leaving Hollywood

Джордж Клуни покидает Голливуд
He explained why he no longer wants to play.

George Clooney

Fans of George Clooney in despair: the actor announced that he had lost interest in
acting. “I starred in a movie for quite a long time. But I’m 56
years, and I have no more need to do to meet new
girls. Anyway, I shouldn’t do that!” — joked the actor,
already married to his beloved wife Amal and absolutely happy with her.

Besides, now seriously, the actor explained, he’s no longer motivated
the drive across the set. “I was in the acting profession to
earn a living — to pay the bills, and the like. But since then, as we
a friend sold the company on manufacture of tequila for a billion dollars, I more
don’t need the money!” — said the actor.

Clooney was referring to an unusually good deal, which he managed to conclude.
As it became known, this summer, 56-year-old George Clooney and his best friend, the husband of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber unexpectedly
received an incredibly generous offer from Diageo. The firm,
beverage, including the famous Guinness beer, announced his
you wish to buy from Clooney and Gerber in their “brainchild” — “Casamigos” (based
them in 2013). In the end, George and Randy, as much as they were not privacy to your enterprise, producing special tequila, just
are unable to refuse this offer. After all, they promised to pay for them
business $ 700 million plus $ 300 million with subsequent sales!
Thus, in one day Clooney with buddy earned more than a few
recent films with George, taken together, grossed.

However, in addition to financial considerations, Clooney has another reason
seek to be at home as much as possible. After this summer, Amal gave birth to him
two adorable twins, Ella and Alexander. And he was so fascinated new for
his father, now his interest had faded even more…

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