Ольга Куриленко сыграет жену Антонио Бандераса в образе престарелого рокера

Unusual tandem in the near future we will see in a Comedy Thriller, tentatively titled “Salt”. Your consent to participate in the shootings took Olga Kurylenko and Antonio Banderas.

At the moment about the future of film, little is known: the events of the film will take place in Chile, where the star couple will go on vacation. Interestingly, Banderas will be reincarnated as an elderly rocker, Turk Henry, and Olga – in a supermodel Sheila.

Unfortunately for the couple, their vacations, collapse and turn into a real tragedy when thugs of a local criminal group kidnapped Sheila. Now her husband-a musician must exercise maximum ingenuity to return the favorite.

The film directed by Simon West noted that Olga is perfect for this role. He is convinced that Kurylenko will brilliantly cope with the task and the audience will appreciate her acting talent.

Release date of the picture on the big screens remains unknown.

Recall, for Kurylenko, who first became a mother in November last year, it will be the first after the birth of the film project.

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