У бывшей жены Майкла Джексона диагностировали рак груди

The impression that the version of some scholars that the cancer is transmitted by airborne droplets, it may well be true. Today there is almost an epidemic of cancer. More and more celebrities are diagnosed with cancer, has not been spared this disaster of a party and ex-wife of the king of pop Michael Jackson.

According to the information portal TMZ, Debbie Rowe was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Doctors have developed a treatment plan, the first phase of which will be surgery to remove the “captured” cancer tissues.

Interestingly, about the disease Debbie Rowe, the media knew before her own daughter Paris Jackson. We can only guess what a shock will experience 18-year-old girl, when you read information about the mother’s illness.

“Debbie grieve, but don’t expect to get any emotional support from daughter”, – writes the edition. Note that the relationship of Paris and Debbie are far from perfect, however, the mother and daughter tried to take steps to meet each other, to establish family ties. Who knows, maybe the disease Rowe will unite the family.

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