Ольгу Кабо обвинили в жестокости по отношению к дочери
The actress said that it condemned the parents of other children.

Olga Kabo with her daughter

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Olga Kabo late daughter gave Tatiana a gift on birthday – a trip to Switzerland

“We are not in a hurry, even forgetting about the time, which in Moscow
hectic impossible – smiling actress. -. I’m all ears: it is very important to find
the time to listen and hear the child, not to miss something important… Again
well, you learn from your mom, Aida Nikolaevna. She always waited for me, as if
later I came back home. For my arrival the table was set, the tea is brewed.
Mom sat down opposite and said, “Well, tell me”. And I post everything
happened to me for the day. We also love Tanya “basebeat” on its
maiden, I really appreciate our candid conversations.”

Cabo admitted that although many of her friends were sure she will go in her footsteps and become an actress, most likely this will not happen.

“I don’t dream about the continuation of the acting dynasty… Although Tanya still starred in the movie — played a major role in the film
Leonid Nechaev “Thumbelina”. But she’s not into shooting as I am at the time. It
very tired: long hours plus first-class ballet school. In General,
child has enough sleep and enough to eat, because the life of a ballerina, even a beginner, is
of dieting or restrictions… I Remember one time we came with her Mom to the pavilion and saw on the site
a girl like her, and even in
Thumbelina costume! My daughter rushed into the breach: “who are You? Why
wearing my dress?” “I am Thumbelina…” it Turns out the group
preparing to shoot the scene where the heroine was supposed to fly on the lounge under
dome of the vast hall. This was equivalent to the execution of the trick. As
understudy-Thani and invited the girl-the contortionist… But Tanya
found argument: “did you know that my mother is a stuntman, and I’m her daughter!” And
I really are members of the Association of stunt Russia since the days of film
“Crusader”, in which self-performed all the challenging stunts.”

As a result, the Olga signed to stunt the statement that are not against the participation of his daughter in a stunt scene. And while Tanya fearlessly fly on the ceiling, it also led
from the ground: “Tanya, back keep! The leg pull!” After the scene was filmed, the actress approached the baby’s mother, who also participated in the filming, and reproachfully
said: “you are cruel, Olga Kabo…”

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