Любовь Тихомирова готовится к рождению второго ребенка
The actress told what the dream intends to fulfill in the coming year.

Lyubov Tikhomirova with her husband Laszlo and daughter Lubava

Photo: Svetlana Klyus

Holidays Lyubov Tikhomirova family held near Moscow. “There were plans to celebrate the New year in Veliky Ustyug, at the residence of Santa Claus, but it turns out, all tickets sold in the summer. And staying home is not wanted, because we, creative people, love to have fun in a big way,” laughs Love. New year’s eve actress with her husband Laszlo Dolinski, daughter Lubava and mother Elena met in the Vladimir region — in the pines, where the rented cottage. “Lyubava for the first time he stepped on the ice. Say, two and a half years is the best age to start training for figure skating”. Christmas eve at Tikhomirova in Moscow was a show, so the Christmas they spent with friends, who also live in the area. “The year has just begun, and I already have lots of plans for him. To develop our children’s Studio and festival, to produce an interesting premiere. And of course, to think about the birth of her second child! smiles]. — And yet, since he regularly engaged with Lubava vocals, I think we’ll start to be a family ensemble.”