Ольга Гажиенко стала шатенкой Ex-participant of TV project “House-2” decided on a radical change, now she’s no longer blonde. Fans of Olga are confident that the new, more natural hair color really suits her. She also plans to lose weight — in this it competes with sister Margarita Agibalova.

      Ольга Гажиенко стала шатенкой

      Olga Gazhienko, which many remember as the blonde from reality show of channel TNT “Dom-2”, decided on a radical change in their appearance. Without much thought, she dyed her hair brown. Your photo in a new way, Gazhienko posted in Instagram. “That’s my new color”, — has signed a snapshot of Olga.

      Fans of girls shared the opinion that brown is very pretty, Gazhienko because it looks more natural. “Just gorgeous”, “Cool”, “Fit”, “So much better than blonde,” “the Complicated and natural shade, good”, “Better to be bright as a brunette than a “pale” blonde! You are so much cooler”, “Harmonious look, decorates,” wrote an enthusiastic subscribers microblog Olga in the comments.

      Ольга Гажиенко стала шатенкой

      By the way, before Olga, Gazhienko argued with her sister Rita Agibalova. The girls decided to lose five pounds. The loser had to dye your hair a color directly opposite to its current shade. Thus, in case of defeat Olga was supposed to be brown, and Rita — blonde. For several days the girls have posted on social networks pictures of what they eat, accompanied by the hashtag “Battlestargalactica”.

      When it came time to summarize, Margarita Agibalova said that none of them achieved their goal. The girl managed to lose only a few pounds. According to Margaret, to lose about five pounds — too much stress for the body. She also shared with fans that dispute it was decided to extend.

      “My sister and I decided to continue the dispute for another month. For what? For better motivation. In order to continue with proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, so that eventually it became a habit. We don’t want to stop there and want to improve the result to achieve the desired result and strengthen it,” said Rita Agibalov in social networks.

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