6 quick ways to pohudeti on an unusual training

6 способов быстро похедеть на необычных тренировках Changing boring exercises in the gym and the pool for special exercise. The combination of elements from different sports to help thousands of women to get in shape in a short time.

      6 способов быстро похедеть на необычных тренировках


      It’s such a mix of water aerobics and strikes from martial arts. The usual pear was replaced by a upgraded punching bag, which is fixed on a metal pole. He stands in the pool at a depth of from one meter to one and a half. Body almost entirely submerged, and the arms and legs work alternately under water and above its surface. Water resistance increases the effectiveness of training several times.

      During Aqua Fit Boxe involve all muscle groups (legs, buttocks, arms, chest, abdomen and back), strengthens cardiovascular system, develop coordination, balance and strength. Training in water reduces the load on the joints, so injury is unrealistic. During one such lesson, you can kill from 600 to 1000 kcal.

      Where: fitness club X-Fit “Chistye Prudy” and “Monarch”

      Duration: 45-60 minutes

      Cost: 3178 RUB.


      6 способов быстро похедеть на необычных тренировках

      Here, everything revolves around smart machines, which independently adjust to you and work as a coach. Before the training you need to weigh to determine the mass fraction of fat and muscle. Based on this, the coach calculates the required load and recording all information on a plastic card. The one to insert into the gym, and then they themselves set the level of the load and lift or lower the seat and backrest to the exercise was performed correctly.

      The lesson consists of two or three approaches on the six to eight simulators. The interval between the transitions is half a minute, and each exercise is performed for only one minute. At the gym there is a display divided into three zones: ˇ if the red, it means that you are doing everything too slow, yellow is better, but not well, and green – everything is perfect. Each workout combines weights and cardio, which is also working all the muscle groups, improves metabolism, begin to split fats. Visit the “digital room” is recommended every three to four days for the body time to recover.

      Where: Studio Miltronic Premium

      Duration: 35 minutes

      Cost: first practice – free, semi-annual card for unlimited number of classes – 46 000 rubles, annual – from 69 000 to 125 000 RUB.


      6 способов быстро похедеть на необычных тренировках

      Generally it is a regular bike that is in every health club, but here he is immersed in a water-filled capsule – liquid creates additional resistance that helps to reduce the volume of the lower body.

      During class you sit on the chest in cool water, and pedal with such speed how you want. But the sooner, the better. In addition, you can include a tub – it improves lymphatic circulation and increases elasticity of the skin, the ozone bubbles to release muscle tension, while colour therapy improves mood. To show visible results, it is recommended to undergo a course of 8-10 sessions. During this time, you will lose two to four pounds and about five inches in the waist and hips.

      Where: Spa Natura Siberica

      Duration: 30 minutes

      Price: 2950 RUB.


      6 способов быстро похедеть на необычных тренировках

      This class is suitable for those who don’t like to sweat in the gym. Just 20 minutes of EMS training is 2-3 hours at the gym. The secret lies in the unusual costume, which are attached to the electrodes. They depart from the transaction that go to the machine Miha Bodytec. It trainer puts the burden – or rather the intensity, which will send electrical impulses to the muscles and body fat. You need only perform 12-15 simple, static exercises (squats, lunges, push-UPS, etc.). During the EMS workout trains the whole body, adipose tissue is the impact from two sides, and therefore, all the excess is burned faster and cellulite lines. Plus aktiviziruyutsya metabolism, connective tissue strengthening, and body weight decreases.

      Where: all centres Body Forming

      Duration: 20 minutes

      Cost: trial training – 1000 RUB-ticket for 5 sessions – 11 300 rubles.


      6 способов быстро похедеть на необычных тренировках

      This workout on Sepah (special hard Board with a paddle in the pool. The lesson included functional exercises (squats, lunges, push-UPS, bending) and also the asanas of yoga and Pilates. Thus it is necessary to balance on the Board, not to fall into the water. There are several levels of difficulty, which are designed for different degrees of physical fitness. Consequently, improving the General condition, stretching and flexibility, strengthens abdominal muscles and legs, develops sense of balance. Classes are available to even those who have back problems.

      Where: “World Class Romanov”

      Duration: 55 minutes

      Cost: from 3000 RUB. for personal training

      SLIDE & FIT

      Classes are held on a special simulator-the slider rails, which gives the load on all muscle groups. At the same time with the “conventions” right and left will have to perform exercises with dumbbells, barbells or

      its own weight – for example, squats. Muscles make both dynamic and static work – it’s faster to burn fat and improves coordination, joint stress is minimized, and heart rate all the time is normal. During one class burns 1000 calories.

      Where: Studio Slide & Fit

      Duration: 45-50 minutes

      Cost: the first training is free of charge, each next – 320 RUB.

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