Ольге Бузовой предстоит операция на ноге
The singer received a serious knee injury after stumbling on the stage.

Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova on one of the last concerts a badly damaged knee. Speaking
in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the singer performed a complex dance item
and landed badly, damaging the ligaments on the right foot. In Moscow doctors
put the star diagnosis is “sprain” — like injury required
at rest: only in this case, there comes a full recovery. Doctors
said that if Buzova will not comply with their recommendations, the matter may
ended up that the actress will need surgery.

“If it keeps jumping, the situation can
worsen and need surgery! – said “StarHit” specialists. –
Now the patient needs rehabilitation. And it may take several months.”

However, despite the recommendation of physicians for a
time of performances, Olga has not complied with those orders. According to
the PR Director of the TV presenter Anton Bogoslavsky, Olga “lame”, but goes on
the scene through the pain.

“She’s in pain, — quotes the online Bogoslavsky. —
Doctors advised to be on bed rest, but to convince Olya impossible: it
still goes on stage. We are all very worried, I advise you to take a break”.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the schedule of the artist painted on
in the months ahead. She either sings or plays on the stage. In the present
the time Olga takes powerful drugs, as it make
intra-articular injections.

For Buzova very worried about her family, and most of all the
native people star — her mother. “Maalik came, — says Olga in the personal microblog. — Is going through much for
me! Reassured and promised that everything will be fine! For parents we always
will young children”.