Никита Пресняков попал в больницу с серьезной травмой
The musician broke his leg.

Nikita Presnyakov

Photo: Instagram

Nikita Presnyakov, who for almost a decade
fond of extreme sports, was seriously injured and was in the hospital.

26-year-old musician, who calls his skateboard
real passion (no less than the music), forgot about security in
dangerous jumps. As a result, the Nikita injured leg and was forced
to seek help at a health facility.

In the hospital Presnyakov diagnosed normal
stretching, the doctor prescribed a special ointment for a quick healing. Singer
did as advised to him by the doctors, engaged in passing the daily Affairs, and
the pain does not go away.

The artist understood that it is necessary to turn again
to hospital for more detailed examination. During re-examination it turned out,
what we are not talking about the sprain, and fracture. Nikita hopes that doctors
get in the shortest possible time to deal with his problem, so he could faster
to return to a normal lifestyle.

It is interesting that just two months ago
Presnyakov Jr., accustomed to snowboarding and his beautiful wife. According to Alena
Krasnova, before she failed to get pleasure from riding
the Board with the snow, as she was very afraid and after a few drops
always decided that it was not for her.

“Our first joint vacation in the mountains! —
Alain told me in January during their holiday in Austria. For
several years could not decide to get on Board, because the more a coward. Riding
a couple of times in Moscow, but after the first heavy fall dropped his hands. I have
the best teacher is my husband. Nikita doesn’t allow me to relax and start to whine,
but at the same time supports, knowing what to bribe me, promising to do me
cool photo, if I’m good at skiing! Now, despite the severe pain
muscle, I get pleasure”.