Ольга Бузова попала в тюрьму The star visited the colony in Pskov region. Olga Buzova shared frame on the background of the correctional institutions of the city of Nevel ‘ in his Instagram. It turned out that the leading came in this place for filming in the new project.

      The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova ready for filming to go on much. The TV presenter do not confuse the early climbs and trips out of town by train at nine o’clock in the morning. Today Olga and her agent, Anton went to the city of Nevel, located in the Pskov region. There were several scenes from the new film by Kirill Pletnev, which is called “Burn”.

      A penal colony for juvenile delinquents in Nevel was empty for a long time. For the sake of the young Russian Director, the building was to reopen. Director Pletnev shared the details with the filming of the picture in the microblog. The plot Buzova was to play a leading music channel. Also in the colony were to be found Victoria Isakov and Inga Boldin, who will be in the film “Burn” of prisoners.

      Olga had to stay at the provincial hotel, the Nevele, which surprised the actress, accustomed to luxury. In video Buzova showed how the Manager was helping her to fill the bed. Judging from the cheers TV presenter, she was amazed by the atmosphere in the hotel. Details about the film, the filming of which Buzova took part to share it.

      By the way, earlier Olga admitted in an interview with “StarHit” that are willing to go to great lengths for the sake of filming a movie. When the leader decided to play in the series “Poor people”, she was not worried that she can ask for something special. “I came ready for anything. If I had to get a haircut to bald – I would, without hesitation, agreed. Mentally I’m ready for any experiments, if required by the role. Actually, I didn’t have any taboo subjects. I know how to laugh at yourself,” said Olga.

      However, in the near future, the star of “House-2” I would like to try myself in a dramatic role, where her character will suffer. However, while the Directors were not offered the leading to act in this role. “I want to try something unusual, interesting, I’m greedy for new projects, emotion, as I understand it, that potential is not revealed, and my inner voice says that everything is ahead,” explained Buzova.