ВИДЕО: дочка Ани Лорак трогательно поздравила маму с днем рождения
Pop star celebrates 38-year anniversary.

Two happy events are marked
date, Ani Lorak. At the same time, the singer celebrates birthday and
the long-awaited release of his new video “you are loved”. Video premiere
probably would be the best gift for the 38-year anniversary of the adorable birthday girl. But
except maybe for the heart something more, congratulations on your child!
Lorac has shared with fans a video in which little Sonya with an expression
and, significantly, great love, — mother reads a poem. “Thank you, my
treasure!” commented on Ani congratulation baby.

By the way, just three months ago your day
birth — five years — in a big way celebrated and little Sonia.

“Daughter, I’ve recently said, “Mom, you know,
I’m a Princess,” — said Ani Lorak 7days.ru after the celebrations in honor of the first anniversary of her daughter. And I
just remember your own child’s feeling. Yeah, me too came to mind
I’m a Princess. Although I no one never told me a Princess
didn’t call and didn’t suit me. Nevertheless, I have
it was a very clear feeling that I don’t like it. In short, we
I bought two crowns and on the fifth anniversary of Sophia were both princesses. Especially for
daughter had built a toy castle. And back her out of the house brought the carriage,
drawn by white horses.

In General, Yes, we really tried to day
the birth of a daughter, was fabulous. And how many gifts! The
touching, as always, gave godfather — Philip:
pendant in the form of Golden shoes with the inscription: “the birthday from the godfather
Philip, Sophia.”

Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchajian with daughter Sophia