Максим Фадеев поделился редким семейным кадром Well-known producer paid tribute to a long tradition. Every year on the day of the birth of the son Maxim Fadeev does the same photo, which he and his wife kiss him on the cheek. Heir to the stars in the picture looks happy.

      In the family of Maxim Fadeev the occasion. Well-known producer celebrates 19th birthday of his son Sava. Most likely, the young people spend the evening with family and friends. And while the young man was congratulated by the parents that swear by him.

      In order to create a festive atmosphere, mother and father Sava decorated house multi-colored balloons. In addition, they faithfully continued their long family tradition. It turns out that every year the birthday of the Sava family gets together and makes the overall photo. In the picture of the parents kissing son on the cheek. This rare homemade frame Fadeev has shared with his fans on Instagram.

      “Today is the birthday of my son Sava, wrote Maxim. – Our family has one tradition: every morning, the birthday Sava Natasha make a photo where we kiss on both cheeks. Today he turned 19 years old! I wish you, my son, that your dream has come true, and you believed in his Star. And so let it be! I love you with every cell of his soul. I’ll be standing right in front of you and behind you with the shield! As my father stood to the very last day. With love, Your dad.”

      By the way, the heir of the producer is keen on photography and have already undertaken a professional photo shoot for the wards of the father, of the group SEREBRO. For boys shooting became a kind of debut. “And all this has a picture of Sawa Fadeev! Love you!” – admitted later in the microblog Olga Seryabkina. New soloist SEREBRO naked in front of son Fadeeva

      Interestingly, not only the father inspires the son, and Vice versa. Last year on the big screen, the debut directorial work of Maxim Fadeev “Savva. The heart of war”. The famous composer spent on the creation story of the brave boy is 8 years old. During this time, a young prototype of the protagonist — in this man managed to become the son of the Fadeev — Sawa. It was he father dedicated to animated film.

      The artwork, created by Russian producer, has caused rough discussion in a Network. The audience shared their impressions from the “Sava”. Interestingly, a popular fantasy football draft was released in more than 30 countries. In the English version the main characters of the cartoon talking votes Milla Jovovich, Sharon stone and Whoopi Goldberg.