Olga Buzova was again at the center of the scandal

Ольга Бузова вновь оказалась в центре скандала
Fans of the star of the series “Hotel Eleon” outraged by the behavior of the presenter.

Olga Buzova and Anton lirnyk

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Olga Buzova became the centre of another scandal. On the eve of her first rehearsal of the play “the Man snapped,” in which the presenter took a major role. In the microblog Olga appeared the: she is depicted on the stage together with his partner Anton Lirnyk. “What are you doing at 12 am? We are rehearsing our show! Another time, except for the night, we have,” she wrote. The have caused Network users a negative reaction, because the role went Buzova under very scandalous circumstances.

Initially, the main role in the play “the Man snapped” was proposed to the star of the TV series “Hotel Eleon” Maria Gorban. The actress has already played with the actors and were successful in the theatre and on tour. But in late January, Mary suddenly found out that the organizers suddenly changed it to Buzova, “That’s the way it happens in our profession… I hear from fans that no longer play in the play, who spent a year and a half of life — art, tours, advertising. Sorry that this is happening behind my back… very uncomfortable. But what can I say… Good audience to you, friends!” — shared experiences actress.

Evgeny Nikishin and Sergey Pisarenko, who played in this performance with the team, learned about the replacement, they were no less outraged Mary. There was a rumor that the actors are even going to boycott the rehearsal Buzova. But, judging from the picture in the blog of Olga, she is preparing to go on stage.