Полина Гагарина начала борьбу с лишним весом
Vacation in the Maldives has left a trace on the figure of the singer.

Polina Gagarina with her husband — Dmitry Isakov

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

Polina Gagarina has one of the most graceful figures among the stars of Russian show business. The singer regularly visits the gym and watching the diet. Pauline allows herself to relax only during the holidays. A few days ago, the singer returned from a family trip to the Maldives. On arrival in microblog Gagarina there is a record of the fact that during the vacation she gained a little extra weight.

Recruited to drive “Maldives” weight, as jokingly they are called Pauline, she is going through energy-intensive presentations and trips to the gym. Sports artist loves to play with her husband — Dmitry Isakov. Recently Gagarin shared a photo of a family trip to the fitness club. “Mr. and Mrs. Sport! PS. We have been in Moscow, just a soul, of course, we’re at the ocean… Because there is so carefree” she said.

By the way, fans continue to speculate about Pauline is pregnant yet or not. Polina herself speculation of fans no comment. But recently, the singer finally responded to another discussion of her “interesting position”. After members once again began to discuss the presence Gagarina photo rounded belly, she joked: “the Investigation is conducted by koloboks!” The singer has hinted that her fans have become like a caricature of the heroes of the Soviet cartoon.