Ольгу Бузову обвинили в вульгарности за смелый наряд TV presenter posing in a sports suit and fishnets. Olga Buzova try on the way in a trendy style today “a La the 90 years,” provoked a barrage of deafening criticism. “To a disco in the village club” – he described the image of a diva its subscribers.

      For anybody not a secret that all new is well forgotten old, and this is especially true of fashion. Today, the trend is eclectic 90-ies of the last century. In the wardrobes of the most stylish girls have returned jeans with a high waist, boots, “varenkov”, leather, fishnets, tracksuits, tops.

      Apparently, not everyone is ready to accept the old the new trends. Olga Buzova, posing for photos in a stylish track suit, worn over fishnets and black top, ran into a barrage of deafening criticism. Subscribers microblog TV presenter accused her of vulgarity and a complete lack of taste and sense of proportion. Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov gave a public scandal

      “I’ll go, stop here. Oh God, that’s awful looks! I understand, fashion. But the top has a large mesh sticking out from under the uniforms?”, “Tastes differ, of course, but sooner with this outfit it was possible to attract the attention of either the police, with the aim to take you to detox, or psychiatrist”, “Pantyhose sticking out the top of pants or skirts have always been riding a nightmare, and now, apparently, came into Vogue. Olga for some reason decided to support the Creator of the style”, “What a strange way: stick tights and heels with a sporty outfit?”, “To a disco in the village club. Even the hat on his head and a cigarette in the teeth,” speak evil of commentators.

      Olga Buzova on the attacks in his address prefer not to respond. In response to the criticism she has published a couple of photos in a tracksuit, demonstrating that the outfit she is incredibly. The presenter stood up fans who know a lot about modern trends.

      “People, what right, in principle, you have to insult a person, to decide what to wear, what to wear and how to wear! This is not your business. Pay attention to your appearance. I think most of you to care for yourself nor what can not, and have no desire! Olga young, beautiful, slender, graceful and talented girl. And what she’s wearing, it’s very beautiful and elegant! And of course her beautiful face! Olga, you’re so clever”, “Not a fan of Olga, but she is dressed very stylish, pleasing to the eye that a woman can dress as young people,” supported Olga Buzova her loyal fans.