Denis Kosyakov is going to adopt a baby

Денис Косяков собирается усыновить малыша 32-year-old comedian and his wife Elena Kosyakova seriously thinking about adding to the family. Loving couple deeply imbued with the fate of children deprived of a full childhood. Now plans Denis in the near future to create the necessary conditions for the education of orphans.

      Denis Kosyakov happily married for 14 years and only four years ago beloved wife for the first time gave him an heir, who was named Denis Stocks Junior. As he admitted “StarHit” to educate a child difficult, but it’s the best thing to happen in his life. Now Denis Denisovich, goes to school musicals and acting in Zelenograd, visit the fitness center with their parents, engaged in swimming and can easily beat dad at chess by his own rules.

      “I am proud that my son learned to read at three years old and two months. I am proud that he spoke his first word “dad” not “mom,” says Stocks. – Actually, whatever he did, I’m proud of him”.

      But, like all little kids, Denis can be capricious, to play around and misbehave. “Son it’s time to start about whom to care, – says Denis senior. Sister want him, Alice, then he lost all of those puberty issues.”

      Despite the difficult schedule, the head of the family dreams of a big family. Every day he tries to do for your baby bright and rich – gives another Lego, plays football, goes to the rink, takes in all travel.

      “I really want many kids, at least three, that there was free Parking” – laughing Stocks. – I love to watch when my son abruptly stops playing on the tablet, runs to mom’s room, kisses his forehead and runs back. Sudden attacks of tenderness – he gets that from me.”

      The desire to take the child from the orphanage came to Dennis just after the birth of her son.

      “Used to think that to take someone else’s child is a bad idea – continues the actor. Now understand that if I have the opportunity to give someone a good childhood, it is necessary to utilize it.”

      The wife of the artist Lena is also very concerned about the lives of other children and, her husband says, is constantly supporting charities, asks Denis to transfer money for treatment or to post in Instagram.