Michael Grebenshchikov: “the Meeting with Alla Borisovna has become shocked me”

Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением» The actor spoke about his life after “idol.” Now the musician does the music and creative producer at the “Workshop of variety art of Alla Pugacheva”. Michael Grebenshchikov admits that over the years began to feel the mood of the Divas, and now they like never work comfortably together.

      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»

      Michael Grebenshchikov was one of the brightest participants of the first “American idol”. The young man attracted the attention outrageous outfits, uninhibited behavior on stage and extraordinary talent. It’s been 15 years since viewers saw the musical reality show. “StarHit” decided to find out how did the lives of Mikhail Grebenshchikov, whose song “Dance obnimancy” once sang millions of fans.

      What happened to the participants of the project “Factory of stars”

      Recently Andrei Malakhov has devoted two editions of the TV show “the factory” of yesteryear. What feelings are you overwhelmed when you see your colleagues?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»To be honest, I was very pleased. I played the first. When I walked in the dressing room “Ostankino”, the impression, as if there were all these 15 years, as it is necessary to go on the stage right now. I was very glad to see. Understand that everyone is busy, so we only Anton Zatsepin and Pierre Narcisse modestly sat in the restaurant in “Ostankino” after the broadcast. —
      You are now disappeared from the TV screens. What do you do?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»I have my own recording Studio. It’s a big job, I never imagined that I will be able to do it. In 2007 he parted ways with the producer center of Igor Matvienko, started to look, what to do – he worked on radio and TV. Dreamed of a recording Studio. Now it attracts unusual people. I was out of the chair, however, I do not know why he is releasing these albums and who sells… Sergei Zverev, Dionne Warwick and others. When Alla Pugacheva came to the Studio, it became my highest praise. Tell me 10 years ago that included a Diva, I would have believed it was some fairy tale. Love working with children. You can experiment with them – the child trusts you can implement any creative idea. It’s not adult, which is a genre not the style. But children have no such restriction. Students of Alla Pugacheva skill pop art. —
      How did the cooperation with Alla Borisovna?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»The year before I met Donna I have in the Studio recorded Irson Kudikova, she liked my opinion, it has proposed to host something like children’s school. A year we thought created, invented, in February 2013 began, and in October came Alla. I before the arrival of her marker drew on the Board a strategic plan of school work, made her report. I have always respected the creativity Pugacheva, aware of its importance for our country, but never specifically attempted to get close to her. And it just so happens that the agreed circumstances and time. Of course, the first meeting for me was a shock – as if from above the man down. Over the years I learned to understand the mood of Alla. Now we had a great work – preparing the musical by April, recently received her adjustment to my synopsis.

      You said you like working with children, and about your dream already?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»Of course! I’m one of the dreams of people! I even have a collection of toy soldiers, stamps – I in the childhood collected specifically to son show. “Factory of stars” changed my life. Glory is but the picture is good, but what’s going on inside nobody knows. You want love, both moms and dads – once in a lifetime. And now I have it all wrong. I would like to go back to a time when I was no artist Misha Grebenshchikov. Go as early to the party or to the Park to meet any girls. And now some sort of liability or something, place Dating differently. —
      Fans flood you with emails?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»Are write looking to date. But I’m not! But still want to love has wings.—
      What is your ideal woman?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»I’m looking for a girl that wants to love. But here’s what it will be is another question. Over the years, I hope, wisdom to me still comes, and I become not so important any external parameters. I want to fall in love with one. Of course, if she was from a creative environment, it is easier to find a common language.—
      Why do you think I can’t find love? Maybe you are a notice any shortcomings?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»There are people who are dissatisfied with their appearance. I was recently invited to the program “10 years younger”. I did not bother, I thought, why not? I may have some flaws, but that’s okay. And I do not know into whose hands to give themselves! And sad thoughts burn my energy…—
      Wasn’t there anyone who would like to connect the life?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»I dated a girl for four years, fell back to “Factory”, I was 21-22 years old. Thought here, life begins, and how everything began – two years after the project tour concerts, work in the production centre. Maybe was too young, I was nocturnal, people we don’t always get a decent come across, they also affect our relationship. Nine years have passed since they broke up. Of course, there were other novels, but not that. The most interesting that to me the girl said: “We have two years together!” I haven’t lived, and it seemed that we were together.

      You had quite a flamboyant stage persona. How do you remember that time? Maybe you are ashamed or the contrary, nostalgic?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»I now lack energy and enthusiasm. When I lived in Voronezh, so absorbed in the music, watched MTV, has absorbed all this culture. Wanted, wanted to be a bright artist. Imagine that in show business, the artist should be able to dance to, fun to sing, to rap, so I tried to fit in. But right now I can get in some eccentric costume. —
      Show business is not an easy field. With addictions don’t have to fight?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»I was always surrounded by decent people, I have a mom and dad. Yes, I can drink at the feast, but it never flowed in binges. Thank God, not experienced with drug addicts, alcoholics, avoided such people.

      What was the most difficult on “Factory of stars”?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»Although many criticized tour, but for me they were not heavy. I wanted to be an artist, to escape from Voronezh to travel. It such an attraction, more money to pay! After service in the border troops I was not afraid of anything and I didn’t pay attention to uncomfortable conditions. Difficult was after. When you show on all screens, and then it stops, you have to prove you’re not a random person. Now it’s been 15 years since “the Factory” and 10 years since I terminated the contract with the producer center of Igor Matvienko. Somehow I was invited to play in a movie where I would sing a little snippet of the song “Dance obnimancy”, which I wrote. But production center has requested payment of 600 thousand rubles! And in it there is some sadness returning through time. How many years must pass to from behind me? What you doesn’t work? —
      Why did you stop working with Igor Matvienko?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»I was then 31 years old. Had a lot of artists, projects someone worked more, someone less. He was very kind, we parted on friendly terms, without scandals. I decided that I have the strength to go on myself.

      Now you yourself work as a producer, teacher. The stage is not bored?
      Михаил Гребенщиков: «Встреча с Аллой Борисовной стала для меня потрясением»I write songs for myself. Oddly enough, in rotation on radio “Chanson” is my composition “Mother”. I can’t decide: I’m hot artist or I prefer about home to write. In 20 years, I believed that it’s awesome to be on stage, if you have a lot of money will give! And now I have a different attitude – you need a business plan for what, why am I doing this, no child of magic. —
      Why are you inactive in Instagram, this is a great opportunity to chat with fans?
      I probably don’t hit at the right time. If in my season of “Factory” existed “Instagram”, I have now had millions of subscribers. Back in 2007-2008 I started to film and edit some videos, has released a 60 series for your blog. Now the enthusiasm for social networking has gone, I feel like I’ve already gone through.