Ольга Бузова угрожает коллегам по шоу-бизнесу The presenter writes a second composition. Olga admitted that the new track will win all the charts. According to star, she plans to get into the new year the First channel. Fans supported the aspirations Buzova.

      The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova announced to fans on writing new songs. The first track “the sound of kisses” literally driven from the playlists of music lovers compositions by other artists. He stayed in the top iTunes in a few weeks. Despite the fact that some colleagues of Olga condemned the text and melody of the hit, its lines humming with thousands of people.

      Buzova decided to please fans of the new creation. The night before the girl went to the recording Studio, where she was waiting for the experts on the musical effects and Director. Before starting, she spoke with a familiar operator.

      Her colleague from the TV channel TNT was joking and asked Olga: “would You like another two weeks to block in iTunes, all Russian pop?”. Leading smiles and replies: “For a month.”

      In the microblog Buzova posted a picture from the Studio. The girl sealed at the time of recording. “Hold on, the Russian “show business”, – said Olga signature to the frame. The photo it was accompanied by the hashtags, one of which hinted at what claims to be the star of the live new year’s eve on the First channel.

      Social media users suggested that Buzova can be replaced in the festive programs of Alla Pugacheva. Within a few days on the Internet to discuss the petition, the text of which the author indicated that it would like to see in the New year under a transfer with participation of pop stars. Alla Pugacheva said “remove” it from the air

      “Come on, Olya, show me all!” “Olga, sing, if you want to sing”, “well Done! You’re a good man, do what you want.” – supported TV fans.

      Recall that after parting with Dmitry Tarasov Olga decided to try out some solo material. Fans noted that the song of the stars “to the sounds of kisses” feel all the pain that the presenter experienced in the end of relations with her husband. In her opinion, the situation taught her a lot. Now she plans not to tell the audience about the events of his personal life. “I’ve become less open person, just all that happened to me is an experience. And I’d be a fool to not learn a lesson and will repeat the same mistakes in the future,” admitted Buzova.