Прохор Шаляпин не может смириться с потерей близкой подруги The popular singer shared the sad news. Prokhor Chaliapin announced that dead his girlfriend Jeanne Rostkova with which the artist met in the late ‘ 90s on the set of the show “Morning star”. According to the young man, his friend died suddenly in his apartment.

      Prokhor Chaliapin beside herself with grief. The young man had lost a loved one. Prokhorov girlfriend, singer Joan Rostkova, died in the 34th year of life. In a cruel twist of fate that happened a few hours after she talked to her on the phone.

      In Instagram Rustamovoj you can find many joint photographs with Prokhorov. They talked for a long period of time and have always supported each other in difficult times. Jeanne was a very close friend of the artist and understood him perfectly. Shortly before his death Rostkova planned to move from Vladivostok, where she lived the last few years, to Moscow. According to celebrity, his friend most likely died as a result of accident a household accident.

      “I was delighted as a child. Say, just let go here… Painted the plans on Monday, 9 January… We’ve been friends since 1999, the “Morning star,” in which Joan was involved… We were always “on the same wavelength”. Jeanne was an incredible soul, talented singer, a bright, beautiful girl… a Few hours ago I was informed that Jeanne did not. A few hours after our conversation. In 33 years… a Tragedy overtook the house unexpectedly. It does not hurt, and nothing boded trouble… People who appreciate life and loved ones. Jeanne, you are forever in my heart”, – said Prokhorov in his microblog.

      Members of the contractor has not remained aloof from his grief, and advised the artist to stick. “This is awful”, “Life unexpected”, “Everything is temporary and so fragile… What a tragedy when they leave a good, light, real people”, “I’m Sorry, very sad,” wrote fans Prochorus.

      Chaliapin also left a comment on the page of the girl in one of social networks. “My girl, how… How could you leave us”, – wrote the artist.

      Relatives and friends of the girls take condolences. They share their memories of the artist, whose death came as a surprise to everyone. “I never thought I’d write about this person in the past tense!”, commented one of the University friends of Jeanne. The brother of the deceased also shocked by what happened.

      “Today died a great singer, teacher and just my only and beloved sister Jeanne. The whole family are grieving. One good man said, “Maybe this day is the last in our lives! So make it a holiday”, – said Valentin Rostkov in social networks.