Елена Малышева объяснила, почему колет ботокс The presenter tries to keep the youth in all ways. Malyshev admits that frequents cosmetologist. According to the woman, with the help of injections it is possible to remove even deep wrinkles. She advises all women to follow her example.

      Known TV presenter Elena Malysheva carefully watching their appearance and figure. Despite the busy schedule, the celebrity is trying to control the diet, eliminating him from harmful products. Besides, a woman actively fighting the signs of aging. For this Malysheva regular visits to the beautician. Elena admits that not once did beauty injections to smooth out wrinkles.

      “Every year, injections of botulinum toxin and fillers. These drugs has made a revolution, giving the opportunity to women not to grow old to a ripe old age. All women wish to use such methods. It is better to save on food, but give yourself the opportunity to look young and beautiful,” says Malyshev.

      Elena admits that every year she undergoes a full medical examination. The presenter believes that the best time to see a doctor. Malysheva recently passed genetic analysis to find out what she has predisposition. The results of the study surprised the star.

      “It turned out, I have a tendency to be overweight is twice higher than in the population. Such genetics. To deal with it very tedious. But I’m trying!” – said Malyshev. Elena Malysheva: “I am 15 years struggling with excess weight”

      Recall that the celebrity is the author of special methods for weight loss. Her book, “the Diet of Elena Malysheva” became one of the bestsellers. It is available explains how to set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle and getting rid of extra pounds. The recommendation of telepraca helped many achieve your desired weight. “Very much, as painted by the basic principles of weight loss. Seemingly simple truth, but provided so that you begin to think over things that previously fell on deaf ears, so to speak,” so people refer to their version of the book in the form designer, which can be dismantled.

      Currently Malysheva actively engaged in the development of its medical center, and shooting gear “Live healthy!” and “Health”. “In medicine, and on television it is impossible to live in the spontaneous movement. I work without weekends,” admitted Elena in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.