Ксения Собчак показала сына The TV presenter has shared a touching picture. Visible is the hand of the heir to the stars. Fans have admired the frame and wished the child Sobchak and Vitorgan good health, and his parents patience.

      Many fans of Ksenia Sobchak was looking forward to when she would show her son. However, like many of her colleagues in show business, the star took the time to share joint photos with the heir. Chief editor of the periodical decided to show the frame where you can see the hand of Plato.

      The mother of the baby decided to show how she touchingly holds the hand of a favorite child. This picture is a young woman dedicated to charity events. “Happy to support a joint project that helps all children in distress!” – said Xenia in the caption to the frame.

      Fans Sobchak immediately responded to this touching picture. “How lovely!”, “Tenderness”, “Happiness and health! And good people around more”, “This is the most touching picture, congratulations again,” wrote the followers of the star. Maxim Vitorgan showed the first footage of newborn son

      Fans Sobchak think that the picture depicted by Plato. Snezhana Georgieva, a friend of Xenia, indirectly confirmed guesses of the majority of Internet users in your comments to the pictures. “I so much Mimi I want to write about this sweet pen, but then I remember that the guy is growing, and a crazy aunt Snezana takes himself in hand,” said the socialite.

      According to followers of Xenia, motherhood has greatly changed the presenter. The star looks happy, though sometimes she has a hard time. This year January vacation their family had spent in Moscow, although usually Sobchak and Vitorgan was flying to celebrate the holidays in warmer climes. Likely, parents did not dare to leave the baby alone, and to take Plato at that age on a long trip yet. Sobchak and Vitorgan was unhappy new year holidays

      Many users of social networks think that Ksenia spends little time with her son, as her page is constantly updated with photos from social events. She is tired of criticism and told me how really things are.

      “Do you think that it would be hard to fill the tape here so that’s photochemi with walking, Mimino photos of the baby, husband and other home-made sweets, as does the vast majority have given birth to the stars in search of a “better image”? I’m not trying to like you, so your blog about fashion and lifestyle I am sharing only what you think is right. Not looking for your approval or condemnation. And create the image of what are you waiting for, I will not. This is my real life, and I keep away from prying. And anyway, you are so much worried for my son, though one used the money for nanny was sent”, – said Sobchak.