Дмитрий Дибров в бешенстве от увлечения жены The presenter does not understand why his wife so a lot of time on social networks. Dmitry Dibrov talked to his wife and expressed to her his displeasure. He is happy that for the sake of peace the husband of Pauline followed his advice and now rarely looks for on your page.

      A couple of TV host Dmitry and Polina Dibrova causes delight and admiration of many fans. The man loves his young fiancee and literally carries her in his arms. It in no way restricts the wife and tries to do everything to provide her a luxurious life. However, some habits Polina began to cause irritation in the presenter. Dmitry did not understand why his wife spends much time in social networks.

      “She makes pictures from morning to night. First year and a half I haven’t scolded for it, and then in General boiled. If she was only doing for me, God bless her. She’s got “Instagram”, and I have Pink Floyd and nineteen guitars. Well and good: it is on the Internet, and I play guitar. It is possible to agree. But when she learned to do when good people, each of which has its own sector in the national culture, then I’m flared up. Now she is sitting there less,” said Dibrov.

      For the life of the wife of a famous TV host see more than 70 thousand subscribers. Each publication Polina immediately gaining many “likes”. The special delight of those publications that Pauline talks about his children, sons Sasha, Fyodor and Ilya. She regularly shares information about the everyday life of mothers of large families and tells the fans how to cope with emerging challenges. Such publications often have a whole discussion of young mothers. However, Dmitry quite different ideas about what the social network’s modern girls.

      “For many it is life. Such people are easy to find. They usually live on handouts wealthy man, willing to show yachts and cottages that exist on money of sponsors. Only his wealthy man they do not show. Because it was an advertisement of how not need to eat. Because all wealthy man – huge bellies – open up Dibrov in an interview with “Interlocutor”. – But these girls have dogs, Botox, silicone and fillers. Why is it all to do if no one will show? They are bored with themselves, so they give birth to “Instagram”.