The star of “Real boys” Anton Bogdanov was in an accident abroad

Звезда «Реальных пацанов» Антон Богданов пострадал в ДТП за границей The actor was injured during a holiday in Thailand. The man asked for medical help from local doctors. In the microblog Anton showed the photo, which was seriously excited fans.

      Like many other stars, Anton Bogdanov, remembered by the audience for the TV series “Real boys”, went in early January on vacation. The actor visited Thailand on the island Koh Phangan. Currently in this region the weather is hot, so Anton and his company spent most of their time on the beach, or explored the local sights.

      As you know, Bogdanov loves to ride motorcycles and considers that good controls for the vehicle. However, Pagani drivers were less accurate. The actor was involved in an accident. According to star “Real boys”, he was riding a moped, and one local resident made a maneuver, in which the collision occurred. “I’m an experienced biker. Tayets-villain turn signal not included”, – explained what happened, Anton.

      In the microblog Bogdanov appeared the that excited his fans. Judging by the photos, the actor broken arm, broken knee and a broken leg. However, the man was not discouraged. The accident happened to him in the last day. Despite the injury, he was not discouraged, and charismatic smiles. Followers of Anton, previously resting on one of the Islands of Thailand, noted that they themselves often became witnesses of how there violate the rules of the road.

      Fans of the actor are eagerly waiting for the release of the new season of “Real boys” Anton and ask when there will be a series. In one of the posts Bogdanov hinted that the shooting will soon end. While working on the film often had difficulties. Anton explained that his character every season growing up and changing. Such was the idea the writers and Director.

      “We’re playing kids who are just 70 percent caste of Russia. So we’re even easier to ride. Thank God, we are not images of any sophisticated hipsters, which is very hard to win over people who can position themselves to only a narrow audience. We have something like that… How is our profession at the Institute – after it, you can already do everything”, – shared his impressions of Bogdanov in an interview with “StarHit”.