Olga Buzova strongly criticized for passionate dances with Phillip Kirkorov

Ольгу Бузову жестко раскритиковали за страстные танцы с Филиппом Киркоровым Celebrity unveiled his video for the hit “mood Color blue.” The video where Olga Buzova and Philip demonstrate spectacular movement, in a matter of hours gained hundreds of thousands of views and sparked a mixed reaction from the public.

Olga Buzova and Philip surprised fans with an unexpected collaboration. The stars took part in a new project, the details of which remain secret, and in between work fooled around and took funny moments on video. In social networks appeared a short video for the new song Kirkorov “Color mood blue.” Olga and Philip have arranged incendiary dances, triggering heated discussions on the Internet.

Fans Buzova was delighted with the video and supported it with plenty of likes. According to them, Olga found herself a new fiance. You know that celebrity is very good with him and repeatedly called him one of the best singers. “Buzova, take a king, well, really a class I like,” “He and she”, “Look great”, “Great and amazing”, “Beautiful move”, “so cute frames”, “Cool”, “Do a duet?”, “Made for each other”, “Olga, marry him,” wrote fans a TV presenter and an aspiring singer.

At the same time, other social media users condemned the act Buzova and Kirkorov. Envious came to the conclusion that Philip wants to capture the attention of the youth audience, which monitors the work of Olga. Haters didn’t mince words to describe his emotions from what he saw. “A man falls lower and lower”, “Unsubscribed”, “not her”, “Buzova doesn’t fit you”, “Wake up, it’s not funny, When increased hair and don’t know how to show them”, “never expected to see her…”, “What a mess. Why?” “You should be ashamed” – discussed in the Network.

Defenders Olga urged detractors to calm down and stop posting angry comments. In their opinion, the critics are jealous of Buzova, so wary of any step. “People, why so much evil? Olya – trudaine from an ordinary family, the fans respect her and love. I do not like – write a review. So no, you want to gloat. Better get busy, that you have learned, and if weak, the silent,” wrote one of podeschi king of Russian show-business.

Recall that in September last year Olga Buzova and Philip surprised others at a fashion show in Sochi, which was held in the framework of the festival “New wave”. The TV presenter appeared in a dramatic mini dress in sequin. The attention of photographers to the star faded. At some point, Olga sat down on his knees to Kirkorov and the beginning of something to tell him. The actor was in a good mood and happy to keep the conversation going. Olga Buzova found solace in the arms of Philip Kirkorov