Анна Седокова призналась в любви экс-избраннику The singer is turning to an ex-boyfriend. Anna Sedokova decided to tell fans about the intimate life. The singer, who is now a single mother of three, shares lessons learned about intimacy with men.

Singer Anna Sedokova has three children – daughters Alina and Monica, and son Hector, who recently turned a year. The actress herself takes care of heirs – because now she is not married. Anna always pretty honest with his fans and recently she decided to share the most intimate. Apparently, the singer hopes that her sexual experience will help someone in the intimate life.

Sedokova admitted that in addition to my own observations, she had to turn to others. First she dialed her ex-lover. Anna admitted that he still has feelings for him.

“Only to write, based solely on his experience, somehow not ambitious enough. Research. But still first dialed my ex, I love him. Asked with whom he had the best sex. Answers: “With you”. A pleasant warmth spread throughout his body, but the journalist in me did not let up,” admitted the actress.

The singer also said that in her case works flawlessly, and saved, by her own admission, in the most difficult situations. As it turned out, in the closet of the actress laid sexy underwear, and, strictly on colors. Anna Sedokova showed appetizing forms in a BDSM suit

Sedokova has hinted that loves to experiment in bed. The artist believes that this greatly affects the relationship of the pair. She doesn’t understand those who used to live by certain standards and gets pleasure from it. For Anna this is unacceptable.

“Nothing kills arousal like limitations. That’s what my real antisex. And no matter what manifests this limitation: travel, horizons, friends or sexual knowledge. The world is amazing and beautiful!” – says the artist.

Anna also advised to pay attention to the male ego – according to her, the most important thing should remember the girl. She sees the key to a happy relationship. “Caress his ego need to gently, gradually increasing the pressing pain points. And once you understand that it is maximally opened, go away, and fade better. You remember that men’s much easier for us. They’re hunters and robbing them of the chance to run after prey, many of us are robbing yourself of a happy future,” – says Anna in the journal of the SNC.