Olga Buzova showed sexy figure in the gym

Ольга Бузова показала сексапильную фигуру в спортзале TV presenter and singer began to actively prepare for the spring. Olga Buzova frankly admitted that she was on break from school, which lasted four months. Recently, the star gradually returns to its normal life.

      Ольга Бузова показала сексапильную фигуру в спортзале

      TV presenter Olga Buzova is recovering after a very difficult life period. Not long ago, the girl became ill at the concert, so she had to heed the recommendations of doctors and to refrain from physical activity. However now Olga are back and actively preparing for the spring. The star posted a selfie, which she did in the gym.

      Olga Buzova became ill during a speech in St. Petersburg

      “More than four months I had a break… at First I was not emotionally able to, then physically, then for health reasons, and the sport was banned from my doctor. All who have been watching me, know that I without training can not live, and I was extremely difficult to pass so much time! But the most important is health, so not to hurt yourself, I followed the doctor’s recommendations. Hopefully now the sport will come back into my life for a long time,” shared the star.

      Fans have supported the leading and wished her as soon as possible to recover. They also found that celebrity looks great, despite a break in sports. “Beautiful,” “I Love you”, “Good”, “Olga, you’re in wonderful form”, “you’ll be fine”, “the Outfit is just fire”, “Best”, “super Figure”, “Chic”, – discussed social media users.

      Earlier Olga Buzova answered all his detractors who criticized her work. The girl said she was tired of insults in his address. “I’m not a robot, I’m a man, and, first and foremost, I am a girl easy to hurt and offend! And Yes, damn it, I hate! I’m not bothering anyone, not appreciate in public, and especially in the media, creativity and the activities of their colleagues. I do what I want, and nobody is forced to listen to my songs, to buy things from my collection, to include esters with me to watch movies and TV shows with me, buying tickets for performances and come to my concerts! This is my path, my life,” he told the star.

      Olga also said frankly that is often faced with a misbehaving colleagues. “It is painful that some of the artists in the dressing room to hug me and says horrible things… Many of those whom I have supported for many years, just stopped to greet me,” shared leading. However, she tries to stay and every day working on them. Currently Buzova recorded his first album. Fans believe that their idol will easily overcome all obstacles and conquer a new summit, this time in the music industry.