“Battle of psychics” 10 years: as show breaks the participants ‘ lives

«Битве экстрасенсов» 10 лет: как шоу ломает жизнь участников “StarHit” find out the fate of the characters of the popular project. From year to year, the program opens all new names and faces that are gaining credibility in the field of extrasensory perception. But it is not always glory and relevance to the participants bring happiness.

      «Битве экстрасенсов» 10 лет: как шоу ломает жизнь участников

      The first Russian show, making the way to the stars, was launched in February 2007. Since that time the program was attended by over a hundred psychics, witches and wizards. Each of them has survived the shooting in the show – how it affected their lives, found “StarHit”.

      I’m sorry, goodbye!

      Finalist 13th “Battle of psychics,” Elena Golunova involved in the transmission cost of the family. The witch from Novosibirsk hesitated for a long time and did not want to take part in the filming, because she raised her sons – 17-year-old Dmitry and 5-year-old Lion. But Elena was able to convince the eldest child – the magician Vlad Kadono, participant of the 6th season finalist and 11th.

      Heroes of the 16th season of “Battle of psychics”: the entire interview, photos and life after project

      “I insisted that she went into the project, because moms really do have the gift of communicating with the world of the dead, – says Vlad “StarHit”. – Here in Siberia, she was famous long before the participation in the “Battle of psychics”, it is the droves of people solve the problems their loved ones… to do the show, she had a lot of time in Moscow, and after she stopped flying to the capital, because so many needed her help. Care about the boys fell on the shoulders of their dad Dmitri. Unfortunately, this burden was unbearable for him. In a relationship were in trouble, they ceased to hear and understand each other. I spoke on this subject with him, and it listened to, but the Soviets did not give the people lived for 19 years, and to intervene in their lives from my side would be wrong. The result a year after filming mom and Dmitri divorced and still communicate as enemies.”


      «Битве экстрасенсов» 10 лет: как шоу ломает жизнь участников

      MAG Alexey Fad was the star of the third season of the show. “Dad fully immersed in a project that required not only a moral investment, but also material that says “StarHit” his son Roman Fad. – There was no time at all, so doing business did not, and there are you need to dress up… Then I decided to take the assurance of the father on himself so he in no way needed. A year later, when I went in his footsteps on the show, we switched roles. I have money for the life then was not at all, and he helped me any way they could. Dad always replenishing my supply of strength: crawling after filming home and he can take and give energy. He was always my shoulder, and I his. Remember calling me the day before the race: “Son, see what happens tomorrow.” I predicted the finals, during the first series said: “don’t worry, you get to the end.” In the same year he saw terrible that he would die in the day of his birth. Of course, I had a premonition that would happen, didn’t want to fly to Turkey to celebrate his 50th, but he was persuaded. The Pope did not anticipate the hour in the country. Dad had left just 10 minutes… He was beautiful, I still feel his help.”


      «Битве экстрасенсов» 10 лет: как шоу ломает жизнь участников

      Participant last 17 season Margarita bakhtiyarova from Krasnodar during the filming uncovered the best kept secret – once she was… a man. The witch confessed that at the age of 16 had a sex change because I felt out of my body. Now, when all is well, she found long-awaited happiness, and January 20, officially tied the knot with her lover, whose name wore during the filming of the show as the alias.

      “With Alex we met three years ago – says the “StarHit” Margarita. – He proposed shortly before the casting for “Battle”: we rested at the club, he came on stage, took the microphone and all the institution has loudly asked me to be his woman forever. But during the filming I had a vision. “We’re getting married in the winter, Lesh,” I said to him. He laughed: “it’s Cold! Well, who in the Registrar’s office at frost drags… better wait for summer.” While I participated in the project, his energy, his name helped me, he fed me with strength for the contests, protect from the evil eye and spells of competitors.
      «Битве экстрасенсов» 10 лет: как шоу ломает жизнь участников

      I left “the battle of psychics”, and the groom if a switch was flipped: “it is urgent to sign, we will not wait for months.” We got married at the end of January. Many of my colleagues on the show, with whom I am friends, including Nadezhda Shevchenko, sent greetings, flowers. Sorry to come to our city could not – far, and all have a lot of work. Now my husband occupied an important issue in the near future dream of becoming parents. We plan to adopt six-month-old baby girl from the orphanage, give her a chance to live a normal life in the family and simple human happiness. Now understand all the intricacies, read on the Internet about what documents you need to collect, what courses to take place. Of course, I would like to give birth to itself, but unfortunately, my body is not capable”.

      Marilyn Kerro revealed the truth about a new relationship