Ольга Бузова отказывается верить Роману Гриценко The presenter spoke with the participant of the TV project while I was on vacation. Olga recently returned from Thailand and started to work. As it turned out, the novel tried to maintain a connection with her and called occasionally.

The TV presenter Olga Buzova returned to Moscow. The star was vacationing in Thailand, where many swam, sunbathed and had fun in the company of friends. Olga was necessary to gain strength as she worked hard: gave concerts, helped children on the “House-2” to understand their relationship, and also participated in the filming of the Christmas lights.

Lately in the Network, and then there are conversations about the alleged affair Buzova and Gritsenko. A young man tries to win over the celebrity. However, he managed to lose the trust of Olga, as provided tokens the other participant of the TV show. While His was on vacation, Gritsenko called her.

“You can do anything, but I don’t believe you. Huge sympathy for you as a person. You said you were waiting for me. Don’t want to spoil my vacation, and now I took it and spoiled it. I’m smiling, but when I hang up, I’ll think about it. Everything crossed. I may believe you, but I already admit that you lied to me,” said Buzova.

Recall that the Roman Gritsenko passed check on the lie detector, responding honestly to all questions. The guy really wants to participate in “million Wedding”, the annual competition, which takes place on telestroke. In his new year broadcast Gritsenko apologized to Olga.

“I’m probably even a miracle will not help. Very sorry that I did not appreciate the opportunity that you gave me. You said “live by heart”, and I’m going to live. I want you to forgive me. Want love is sincere and mutual. Better make the woman want to be sincere, even if these relations never will be, than to build a relationship that you don’t need”, – said Roman.

In the excerpt from the release that was available Dom2life, Buzova very emotional talks with Hrytsenko. Roman was indignant that pleasure Olga spent a lot of time with Timur by Batrutdinova. Showman and TV presenter shared images of the joint and provoked users of networks bold phrases.

Roman Gritsenko: “I hate that Buzova rests with Batrutdinova»

“I realized that in 13 years of our acquaintance we first met here in Phuket. You know, nice to meet you! It was an incredible vacation! I’m glad I called you before departure. Those four days that we accidentally met, was the most quiet and boring! For me Phuket is you!”- this post is a resident of Comedy Club dedicated to Olga after the holidays.