Сергей Астахов грозится убить поклонников дочери The actor carefully concealed from the public the adult heiress Mary. Astakhov admitted that is experiencing a beautiful daughter. 19-year-old girl managed to change a few schools. In the end, decided to follow in the footsteps of his famous father.
Сергей Астахов грозится убить поклонников дочери

Sergey Astakhov became famous after roles in the TV series “Poor Nastya”, “children of the Arbat” and “Queens”. The actor was attributed novels with many famous artists. He Astakhov does not comment on rumors about his personal life. Officially, the actor was married twice. From the second marriage Sergey has a daughter, Mary. The girl is 19 years old and she has grown into a real beauty.

Despite such a young age, the girl managed to change a few universities. The star father, of course, worried about the future heiress. However, now, he admits Sergei, peace, and even happy that her daughter decided to follow in his footsteps.

“The first year after school, Mary studied to be a journalist. But the profession is not very much, so then she transferred to the School of Economics, following a year studying there. And now she still wanted to go to the theater. In this respect, it is all in the father! I, too, first in one institution studied, then in another. Believe that it is better longer to find their calling and to get as close to it than 17 years to enter, say, an accountant, because everyone goes to this specialty, and then all life to suffer. So I don’t mind that my daughter was looking for myself. Two or three years will not change anything. I generally only 30 years, moved from his native Voronezh to Moscow, and nothing like a live. Although many actors in the 30 years of your career itself did here!” – said Astakhov reporters.

According to Mary, the journalism she did not like. Although the girl even managed to work in some media.

“I don’t want to run after someone, Yes, even to me feet kicked and sent. I managed to work a little bit on one channel and know what it is. Now I decided to follow in dad’s footsteps and enroll in a theater. Dad tried to dissuade me at first, and then said, “Mash, finish have at least some University!” So I want something to finish!” – said the actor’s daughter.

Astakhov, by the way, admitted that Mary is very jealous fan girls. For the actor’s daughter remains a little girl, which is needed for eyes.

“I can’t adequately assess. Whatever she did, as though neither spoke, I always see her as the baby. For me it is very strange feeling. Her suitors I do not watch, because it’s her life. But when you see next to it someone will probably kill him. Just kidding, of course”, – said Sergey.

Many fans Astakhov noted that the actor is in great physical shape and looks the same as 15 years ago, when I first appeared on the screen.

“I do that all by itself is formed. Never go to the pool, not engage in sports, no run, a lot of work Globally… to relax I have no time. But don’t drink or smoke, maybe because of this, and I keep myself in shape,” – said Astakhov in an interview with “Interlocutor”.