Ольга Бузова подражает Настасье Самбурской
The singer has dyed her hair blue.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram

Olga Buzova before the holidays, decided on a bold
experiment — presenter dyed hair strands in blue. “A little
naughty before the New year, — admitted the star. — Why not? From my house
no one will expel. Because I’m on my own”. Fans appreciated the new way
singer, and compared it with Nastasya Samburski, which until recently
time was similar hairstyle.

I wonder what the time not so long ago severely ridiculed
Buzova, devoting her musical number on the set of the show “New star factory”. The idea
to make a parody on Olga belonged not only Samburski, but the producer
Victor Drobysh.

“The scene of the “Factory” is the best place for talented derision
this blatant phenomenon “Buzova”. Although she was a nice person and would
to work, for example, a nurse or a cashier!” then said the Victor. Samburski
strongly supported the idea of Drobysh and, coming on the scene in bride’s look
the form of a caricature depicted a few movements of the choreography Buzova and in the end
performances Nastasia lifted her skirt and showed the inscription on underwear
“No plywood”. A room dedicated to Olga, “blew up” the social network
and provoked a big scandal.