Natalia gulkin changed their traditions

Наталия Гулькина изменила своим традициям
The singer shared his plans for the New year.

Natalia gulkin will celebrate the New year with his family — mom, son
Alexei and daughter Yana, as well as with close friends and musicians
The “stars”.

“New year is one of my favorite holidays — says gulkin. — For me it is, first and foremost, the opportunity to spend time with
family and loved ones, because very often in my life I had
to leave their favorite, and most new year’s eve to perform on stage. This year
we will meet together and this is a great happiness!”

Natalia gulkin also shared their new year’s
table. The actress said that her festive dishes are quite traditional:
salad, appetizer of grated cheese with garlic and mayonnaise, beets, garlic, mayonnaise and walnuts
nuts, puff Mimosa with salmon and apples, which was prepared in her childhood her grandmother. Also the table is decorated with all sorts of
meats: pickled and fresh vegetables, meat, sausages, fish, red caviar and, of course
in the center of the holiday feast will be a nice big basket of tangerines.

Astrologers claim, in order to appease the symbol of 2018 — Yellow earth Dog — on a table necessarily there should be plenty of meat, so
the main hot dish of the feast Natalia chose lamb, baked in a sleeve.
Garnish the potato slices with cumin and garlic, cooked separately
the pan.