Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!» It took her a year to recover after her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov. However, they say that a Holy place is never empty. The mysterious businessman has turned her apartment into a greenhouse, giving 3300 roses. Party “House-2” Roman Gritsenko takes care of Olga for a few months and not lose hope. While the paparazzi follow every step, and fans are wondering who she is, the singer continues to intrigue.
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»

“I confess: I’m in love»

You have again added fuel to the fire, “accidentally” once on vacation together with Timur by Batrutdinova.
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»I met Tim here 14 years ago when I was a member of “House-2” and I was invited to a Comedy Club as a guest. I admit, in love with his sense of humor. Cool when people can laugh. Even Timur into his family – we have that in common. I was very glad to see him in Thailand, spending time together.
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»
Not afraid that the friendship will develop into love?
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»Yes it can be… But now I’m being wooed by another man and I might answer him, because the heart is already thawed, and the pain is almost gone. Friend’s birthday celebration asked if I’m ready for change on the personal front. If you had to say that I live only to work, for the first time in a long time!—
You, by the way, is not the first year abroad. Why again flew? I wanted to escape?
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»Honestly, it’s a tradition. And I’ve always wanted to come to Thailand, lie on the beach and to swim a lot. And girls too liked the place chosen together. Invited me to Jan, assistant brand Olga Buzova Design, sister Anna and best friend Olga.
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»
Fans tormented by the question: how many swimsuits you took on vacation?
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»A lot – at least 30! I had a separate suitcase for them. Women will understand. Changed every day swimwear, sometimes two or three times. Moreover, it is the first full-fledged vacation for two years. I dreamed about it and brought a bunch of stuff to break to the fullest! Of course, I had to fly to Dubai, Cairo, Marbella, but only for work tours. On a sun lounger to lie was able, but only a couple of hours before the concert.—
The girls gave a diamond, a live elephant! Even removed about you documentary film “Girl of the year”… what would you yourself wished for?
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»In 2018, added to the list of purposes the purchase of an apartment. It’s time to think about their own homes. Some idea what it should be. Soon I will consider the options. Of course, it would be nice to get a house in the suburbs and a house in Spain for mommy. I want to wish for more power, because there are lots of plans. Arriving with the rest, immediately began to prepare for the filming of the video for the song Wi-Fi. Soon will continue the tour in Russia, then go on tour in the US and Europe. And still I dream to meet a new love.
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»

“Do what you want»

You already have the experience of marriage. What man I see next?
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»Always been isolated in the human mind, loyalty, humor and devotion. It is impossible to live with a man who tries to be good, and he says mean things. My chosen one should be able to support in a hard minute.
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»
Well, if he asks to leave from “Houses-2” what to do?
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»I already gave up so much at the time. Be enough! I don’t need love, which constantly forbids. Let the loyal to a career, because once it is clear what graph I exist. You either accept it or not. But at the same time, I love breakfasts and dinners. I like cooking for my man.—
On the figure and not to say that you are in the kitchen! Share the secret of harmony.
Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»Honestly, I like to eat healthy. I love soup, meatballs steamed Greek salad and seafood. For sweets and loaves untouched. The only thing I can’t deny myself the tea with honey or raspberry jam. And the second weakness is sausage. I try to lower it, but not yet obtained. And for 3-4 hours a day dancing.Nashdale

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    Your every move is watched by almost 12 million followers on Instagram! How to cope with the flow of negativity, not cry at night into my pillow?
    Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»There are now simply not paying attention. Learned one important rule: you have to love myself for who I am! It is impossible to please everybody.—
    You can call yourself a happy person?
    Ольга Бузова: «Я ответила «Да!»Yeah! After all, come true all the dreams. Do what you like. I have a great job, friends, and the people for whom live and work. You were on the show “the sounds of kissing” in Moscow – is it possible not to rejoice, when the concert come so many people and sing your songs? I’m happy.